One Vision, Cleanliness Is Our Mission

“Clean and Green is our Perfect Dream”. Cleanliness refers not only to the way we tend to our hygiene, but also to the care we take to maintain and cherish all aspects of our environments within our control. Style is an option to be clean is not.


Young & Dynamic are today's youth, instead of taking holiday on Mahatma Gandhi anniversary, the team, decides to spend time doing some work for society and compiled their beautiful thoughts into a blog for benefit of others.


Much is said rhetorically about cleanliness in our society but practically its application is missing. A quick observation can reveal how insensitive a culture we have developed regarding cleanliness and hygiene. Throwing garbage in the streets, roads or parks has become a common practice in our society. It is also observed that people clean their homes and shops and throw the garbage on the street without considering its implications. This shows our attitude towards cleanliness and hygiene. Another habit that is commonly found in our society is spitting openly. This practice not only affects the environment but is also an eyesore. Another area that needs consideration is the horrible condition of public toilets. The shortage of public toilets is a big challenge, hence people are compelled to use open spaces to answer the call of nature. The toilets that do exist are in such pathetic condition that one cannot use them.

Some political parties promise during election times that they would provide free laptops, bicycles, grinder-mixers, color TVs and electric fans if they come to power, but before 4 months, no political party gave a concrete promise to provide toilets and clean drinking water to every household. The reasons are simple; firstly, it is much more costly and difficult to provide toilets and clean drinking water, secondly, people are more interested in goodies like TVs and bicycles than toilets. Another reason may be that toilets and drinking water are very basic things and hence people will not notice anything special about these even if the current government, who is actively promoting this, does somehow succeed in providing such facilities to every family.

Conscious efforts are needed to tackle this issue. There is a dire need to educate people about the importance of cleanliness. In this regard social institutions such as educational institutions, the media and religious institutions can play a vital role. The media can be a powerful source to educate and sensitise the masses about the importance of cleanliness and disadvantages of an unhygienic way of life. It should focus on both the good as well as unhygienic practices in our society. Furthermore, the role and commitment of the government cannot be overlooked in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in society. The government’s will is very crucial in making policies and implementing them at the grass-roots level. The government can play an important role in cleaning areas, installing dustbins, collecting garbage and enforcing laws against littering. The importance of cleanliness cannot be ignored in individual as well as communal life. On one hand it is an important factor for human health and spiritual development; on the other hand it is essential for environmental development. 

The state government have taken initiation on construction of toilets in 25,000 schools   under the various Abhiyan. The objective of the five-year campaign, which aims to turn into a national movement, is to realise the objective of 'clean India' by October 2, 2019, the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Government has already announced that Rs 1.96 lakh crores would be spent on the programme across India during the next five years. Over 104 lakh household toilets, 2.52 lakh seats as community toilets and 2.56 lakh seats as public toilets are planned to be built. It is also planned to help over 30 crore people in solid waste management. Let’s join hands together and take a step to make a Clean and Green India. Today Come lets pledge together that we will keep ourselves and our surrounding clean. Start with keeping our area clean, surroundings, villages, cities. The day will come surely within few years whole India will become clean.

Come Let’s Everyone Admire to be Neat